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Colin Germaine, STAHLWERKE, LLC

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Colin Germaine the owner of STAHLWERKE, LLC. is the creative genius behind some of the most magnificent functional pieces of art you will ever allow your eyes the delight of seeing.  Visual food – you will savor every morsel, salivate at each “dish”, you will feast with gluttonous fervor on the entire buffet of his hand made arsenal.  Colin is both an artistic genius and master craftsman (two things I have found never occur in the same body.)  As I am writing this I keep picturing a certain end table that I adore that really should be right next to me this instant!

(But I digress.)

I have both the delight (and the curse) of being able to help put Colin Germaine’s art in viewable form via a website ( and his company Facebook page STAHLWERKE, LLC, after fiddling around with possible “displays” off and on over the years (as I stumble my way through remedial Dreamweaver) it has dawned on me that my “gift” with computers does not translate to graphic/design wizardry, and to add to that misery there is nothing worse than creating a bad back drop to showcase brilliant artwork. My MSU/GSD/TIP/DGC  (make shit up/get shit done/test in prod/don’t get caught) abilities are highly useful in a corporate environment that is a bit chaotic, but that same skill set is less tuned for this particular work.  So my task at hand is to use my tepid skills in this arena to create useful vehicles to showcase Colin’s work without the vehicle detracting from the content…  Easier written than manifested.

The first step is to suck up my pride, Colin has a skill set that I delight in, he manifests physical representations of his thoughts at will and then people can buy them and use them – there is a lot to be said for functional art work!  As a smaller person (a.k.a. jealous little brother) I was perturbed at the ridiculous disparity between things I made, and things my brother created.  These days I am just happy that I get first dibs on many pieces and am lucky enough to have a few of his pieces in my home.  To have direct access to genius is beyond cool.

I am driven by the fact that more people need work from STAHLWERKE, LLC in their homes.  I am a big fan of IKEA, and DWR as well, but the chasm between those mass-produced pieces and what Colin creates is large enough that more people need to see and own his work.  So cart before the horse, I am writing about web pages that are not done instead of pointing to evolving displays of his work that will do the pieces justice.  All too often it is easier to write about the task than it is to complete the work…  This will be a labor of love though, and both vehicles will at some point be palatable ways to see what Colin Germaine is creating and selling via STAHLWERKE, LLC., more importantly they will provide people another avenue to procure his art.  More on this as I stumble my way through bringing this project online.