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Edward Gibeau, tracing grandpa’s stories

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3:30 in the morning and I am thinking about the people who helped form me that are no longer with me. Jim is ever present on my mind, my dead mentor/conscience/friend still whispering advice in my ear. I still catch myself playing with different tacts to use in arguments that haven’t been voiced in 7+ years now and only live on in my head. Jim makes me laugh, it is a remarkable comfort after the pain and horror of death to realize someone had such an impact on you that they still carry on in both your head and your heart. Jim will be giving me advice for the foreseeable future. Tonight and many nights lately my thoughts have been on my Grandfather though.  I have been having fun searching for Grandpa Gibeau. Edward B. Gibeau, or Edward Gibeau or just Ed (he wasn’t fussy about his name, though he was a giant of a man so often he was called Mr. Gibeau…) Finding Edward Gibeau’s gravestone was a bit of a shock, but then a pleasure to look at it again and have a positive thought about Grandpa and Grandma immediately eclipse the negative feeling a grave tends to bust your lip with.

Grandpa and Grandma online in a macabre fashion, I suppose I need to scan in some pictures of lighter times and less finality. Edward B. Gibeau (Grandpa), was a fascinating man for a multitude of reasons, of his many facets the most engaging was his artful storytelling. Hands down the best oral storyteller I have ever encountered (though certainly I am a tad biased since the man used to let me eat beef jerky and stay up late watching HBO.) There was a time when I was set to record Edward Gibeau with my digital camera and capture video of his stories as a personal keepsake, and to pass on to the younger folks on the family. I missed my opportunity for that, but am going to take a shot at laying down some of the fragments I remember. The treat is that the internet is filled with odd little points of interest on this journey (Edward Gibeau was the MRCA President from 1971-1972 for instance), the trail of his roofing history (and exploits) is going to be one of the personal delights as I take a wander down this path.  I can’t speak in his voice, but I am delighted to have a little fun attempting to put together some of the pieces of the stories he used to enthrall me with.  So more to come on Mr. Edward Gibeau!